LLC UKRINTORG (UIT) was established in 2014. The Company’s central office is located in Ukraine’s capital Kiev. UIT has representative offices in Austria, Germany, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. We plan opening representative offices in the biggest Ukrainian regions and in a number of Central Asian, Middle East and African countries.

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  • Innovative enterprise with a systematic approach for solving business issues, and clearly structured effective organization and optimization schemes of export and import activities;
  • Professional connecting link between external and internal markets, national and international businesses;
  • Skilled team, capable of solving various tasks on the best possible level, prepare and structure high quality materials;
  • Active cooperation with Ukrainian and international Chambers of Commerce and Industry and domestic and foreign Trade Missions.

We know the countries we work with, and are able to establish cooperation with local business communities.


Supply of safe and high quality Ukrainian products to international markets. Use at all stages of our own and jointly with production partners (slaughterhouse, production halls and lines, labs and refrigerators), as well as storage areas and the implementation of international systems and innovative practices to ensure compliance of Ukrainian food products of animal nature with international quality and environmental standards.

  • International work experience and its implementation on the Ukrainian market.
  • Representative offices both abroad and in some regions of Ukraine.
  • Well-established cooperation with Governmental authorities regarding foreign economic activity.
  • Joint projects with research and development institutions.
  • Dealership relations with Ukrainian and international manufacturing enterprises.
  • Quality support to our business clients in Ukraine and abroad.
  • Effective approach for solving various arising issues, based on best national and international experiences.





We intend to be among the leading companies for providing high quality services. We aspire to benefit the overall quality of people’s lives and provide them with necessary goods and resources.


  • To increase the amount of exported Ukrainian goods, by means of assisting the Governmental support policy of national producers;
  • To strengthen and develop our role on Ukrainian and international markets as an effective and trustworthy business partner;
  • To efficiently collaborate with executive and local governmental authorities, research institutions and expert communities in order to contribute to Ukraine’s business activity development;

  • To implement energy-saving and green energy projects, and to produce eco-friendly goods;
  • To ensure the growth of the Company’s capital, which is one of the most important pillars of UIT’s competitive ability and overall stability;
  • To create friendly environment for career growth and the realization of personal potential for the Company’s employees, and, as a result, to remain a professional team;
  • To support social and ecological programs.




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