Institute for research and innovative project implementation

The Institute for research and innovative project implementation (the Institute) is a research and consulting branch of LLC UKRINTORG, specializing in the following:

  • Organizing, promoting and implementing of innovative projects, created both by the Company’s specialists and research institutions, businesses, individual authors of innovative proposals and ideas;
  • Developing cooperation with key innovation system participants (authorized state and local administration bodies, international organizations  of relevant specialization,  infrastructure producers) on commercialization of innovative projects;
  • Exploring and analyzing the market of innovative developments in order to have the perspective of creating a new commercial product, and prepare suggestions for the product’s further development and perspective business application.

The Institute is, to a certain extent, a connecting link between external and internal markets, between national and international businesses with regards to know-how obtaining and transmission, promotion of business culture, ensuring innovative solutions.

The Institute’s legal and managerial platform ensures collective forecast and consideration of innovative ideas, methods and researches, and also finding solutions to obtain necessary resources for accomplishing mutual tasks.




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